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Ying Yi

Ying Yi is an artist and practicing photographer based in Singapore. His interest lies in the issues in relation to the consumerist attitudes, everyday spaces and the notions of the sacred in contemporary cultures. By referencing the idea of sacredness from religions, mass productions and art objects, he is opening possibilities in his photographic methodologies and expanding his visual languages through series of art works focusing on the sacred with both visuals and objects to create experiential works.

He has been working with photography for the past seven years focusing on architectural and urban subjects, where he has images published in editorials including The Wall Street Journal, Wallpaper* magazine and worked with various architects, real estate and financial firms. He graduated with a BA in Architecture and has worked in various fields including being part of film crew in a broadcast firm, translator and art buyer in major advertising firms. He is currently pursuing MA Fine Arts in Lasalle College of the Arts.


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